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Eczema is often referred as Atopic dermatitis. Atopic means Allergic. Dermatitis means skin. This means an allergic skin disease.

This disease is because of some air born allergy particle like Parthenium or Microscopic insects in dust or skin of pet animals. These particle need to be avoided by specific measures and in some cases new modern allergy shots by Dr S Z Jafrey does wonders. Skin doctors do not offer Allergy test in allergic skin diseases, but a patient suffering from it must get it done. This helps in avoiding only those foods which are allergic and can take all other to which patient is not allergic. So food avoidance becomes crystal clear.

Urticaria also called hives / dadode / pitti in hindi. A good number of urticaria are because of allergy. Allergy test help them a lot. Here skin test is not helpful but a serum test score over the skin allergy test.

We are the only one in Madhya Pradesh as pioneer till date to have world best allergy testing machines within the campus in center. Please note many doctor advertise about blood / serum allergy test BUT they do not have machines. They send samples to us or to Mumbai to get it done. We provide you blood allergy test in just few hours!!!