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In case of any kind of emergency, which is related to asthma and allergy, you can call this number, the facility will be made available to you.
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Advanced Allergy Testing Machines

Today Dr. Jafrey is one of the few selected doctors of India who are using advanced machines for 100% real results of asthma and allergies.

Testing Capabilities
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About Dr. S Z JAFREY

Dr. S Z JAFREY is a qualified super-specialist doctor in Asthma, Allergy, Lung & Respiratory Disease. He has a rich experience of 30yrs since 1990 Oldest in Indore city and Madhya Pradesh. His special training in Allergy at University Klinikum Munster makes him a altogether stand apart in his field. He has been awarded different Fellowships and memberships from National & International Associations.

PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE by Maryland University, Baltimore, USA (Most prestigious medical university of USA)

ADVANCE BRONCHOSCOPEY by American College of Chest Physician, Chicago, USA

ADVANCE MASTERCLASS in ALLERGY University Munster, Klinikum, Germany.

Dr S Z JAFREY has recived acknowledgements as
“Most Inspiring Pulmonologist in India” by Economic Times at Delhi
“Certificate of Excellence” by Dainik Bhasker at Indore
“Excellence award in Allergy & Chest Diseases” by MyFM Radio at Indore
“Certificate of out standing work by Prajatantra First Print News Daily at Indore

The Fellow Memberships are:

  • Indian College of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology,       Delhi University, New Delhi
  • European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology
  • American Academy of Allergy, Asthma &       Immunology
  • World Allergy Organisation
  • Chest Council of India
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Our Spacialisation

Dr S Z Jafrey’s Indore Chest & Allergy Centre providing services to patients with all varieties of Respiratory & Chest Diseases including problems affecting Lung, Chest wall, Respiratory Allergies and Critical Care Diseases.

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Often referred as Bronchial Asthma, Shortness of breath, Breathlessness, Bronchitis, COPD etc. Asthma are mostly allergic in nature and affects fitness of patient.

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अस्थमा व एलर्जी का स्थायी इलाज

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Eczema & Urticaria

Eczema is often referred as Atopic dermatitis. Atopic means Allergic. Dermatitis means skin.

This means an allergic skin disease.

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Food Allergy

Many persons have food allergy but are not aware. ‘gas’ ‘flatulency’ ‘acidity’ ‘post food distention of abdomen’, indigestion, constipation, frequently loose motions.

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Nasal Allergies / Sinus

Also called Sinus with history of Sneezing, Running nose, Itching in Nose, Stuffy nose & Often associated with headache, mental irritation and fatigue. Often misdiagnosed as Migraine, Anxiety.

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Eye Allergy

Allergic Conjunctivitis is a allergic disease of eye where symptoms are redness of eyes, itchy eyes, watery eyes. This leads to irritating symptoms. Redness of eye is often annoying.

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Pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious bacterial infection that involves the lungs.

But may spread to other organs. India has highest incidence in world.

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That is because of hard work by Dr S Z Jafrey, who is pioneer in this field since 1990 Oldest in Indore & Mp.

He was the first doctor to introduce many new techniques, machines in MP & CG. His vast knowledge has brought thing to this level. He has taught most of doctors about asthma, allergy in Indore and around. We have an edge over others. It’s a “TRUE CENTER of Asthma & Allergy” means all facilities related to diagnosis, treatment and teaching are available under one roof. WE are proud to claim that we are the pioneer since 2002 and only one till date to have 3 different world class allergy testing machines. These machine does blood allergy test.

Dr.SZ Jafrey Asthma and Allergy Specialists in Indore, Dr. SZ Jafrey Pulmonologist in Indore, Dr Jafrey's Indore Chest & Allergy Centre, allergy doctor in indore, pulmonologist indore, Best Chest Physician in Indore, Best Pulmonologists In Indore

We are the only one in Madhya Pradesh as pioneer & till date to have World Class Best Blood Allergy Testing Machines within the campus in our center.

(Please note many doctor advertise about blood / serum allergy test BUT they do not have machines. They send samples to us or to Mumbai, and give results next day). We provide you blood allergy test in just few hours!!! Same day.

We are ISO 9001 - 2015 Certified Medical Center since last 22 yrs.

We have many more machines which make us unique; Phadia250 a gold standard allergy testing ImmunoCAP machine, Siemens Immunolite 200 Xpi a top end Immunological machine, BioRAD, Neo Eldex Immunoelisa USA, Allergo Germany Standarised Allergens, Astra France Standardised Imported Allergen. Circassia Niox FeNO testing machine, Cosmed 6 minute walk test machine, Spirometers and PFT machines from MIR Itali, Cosmed Italy, Uni-m US, Viasys micro lab UK, other than are name to few. Digital X Ray from Fuji Japan, State of Art Pathology Lab. The Digital Pharmacy, the medical store is there to provide you genuine medicines. This prevent you from low quality and spurious medicines which do not produce results. We also have own server to connect all machines. These machines, well trained staff makes us Unique and technically One of the BEST ALLERGY & ASTHMA CENTER in INDIA.

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